My work engages with how we assess language and information.  I’m interested in how we seek patterns, symbols, and relationships to predict behavior, choose and to remember.

I often refer to history to question culture and society today; and through the constraints of paint, the work brings together elements of representation and abstraction.  I wish to create imagery that is artificial and unexpected yet feels familiar and convincing.

Process when working with representation and figuration:   I choose not to use direct reference; this includes photos, internet image searches and what I may see in the visual social media world.  Rather, since 2000, I created a language that is at the foundation of my work. It’s a metaphor that reflects the complexity of understanding language itself, and provides me a way to create imagery from memory.  This frees my imagination and allows me to run into constant unpredictability and challenges.  Much of my work integrates an artificial symbolic language system I created. The language itself allows one to visually ‘speak in color’ and where ‘color has sound’. It is based on algebraic chess notation (a-h and 1-8), the musical notes of a-g, and a combination of the Spanish and English languages (see Phonetic Trilogy: Part 1).  In addition, I’ve kept a series of 99+ notebooks that I use as my reference for ongoing work. These elements are key, to perhaps, come up with worlds I have yet to see.








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