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Phonetic Trilogy: Part 1

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Keyboard Series, selected works.

Through questioning and experiencing the limitations of language, I created this artificial language that is based on algebraic chess and classical music notations combined.

I choose chess and music because they are systems based on rules and, like language, is understood despite the abstract variations within the game and music.  This is similar to language, where words in a sentence can be rearranged, translated and interpreted in multiple ways.

I see chess beyond the cliché metaphors of  power, win, loss and war; for example, it extends itself to the grid, foresight, memory, elegance, hierarchy, and pattern recognition; all themes I explore symbolically.

These works reflect the artificial language I created.  It is a functioning alphabet where one can ‘speak color’ and color has sound:   A 32-move 1918 Capablanca chess game is translated into a musical score of 32-measures. I exploit the numerical positions of the chessboard, correlating them with musical notation so as to create a score that can be played on a piano.